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Lochte Wins Olympic 400-Meter Medley as Phelps Finish at 4th and more

July 28, 2012

According to the latest news as posted in site, Ryan Lochte, bronze medalist at Beijing 2008 Olympics, dethroned the two times Olympic champion, Michael Phelps on day 1 of the olympics in 400 Meter Medly Mens Swimming competition. Michael Phelps completed the game at fourth. Michael Phelps is the last to qualify for the 400 meter medly.

Lochte, a 27-year-old American, won the first final at the Aquatics Centre in 4 minutes, 5.18 seconds. The event includes 100 meters each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Lochte led from the start and extended his advantage after the second leg. He won by 3.68 seconds.

“Going into these games I always knew I was capable of getting the win so I’m happy that I was able to do that,” Lochte told reporters.

Thiago Perreira, 26, of Brazil took the silver and Kosuke Hagino, 17, of Japan won the bronze.

lochte 300x168 Lochte Wins Olympic 400 Meter Medley as Phelps Finish at 4th and more

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Park, the Olympic champion in Beijing, whom have been previously reported being disqualified for false start has successfully filed his appealed. The Korean Swimming Federation lodged a protest that was upheld by the technical commission of FINA, international swimming’s governing body.


Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, Who will Dominate the Mens Swimming?

July 26, 2012

Michael Phelps Mazda Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, Who will Dominate the Mens Swimming?

It is no doubt that when it comes to swimming, people always remember the name Michael Phelps, who have been an undefeated swimmer during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. London 2012 Olympics will test the endurance of Michael Phelps by his own team mate Ryan Lochte, which many believed could defeat Michael on some swimming events.

This summer, swimming will be more challenging right from the start. Phelps will be tested by U.S. teammate Ryan Lochte, who is favored on Day One of the swimming competition Saturday to hand Phelps the defeat he never experienced in Beijing.

The winner of Saturday’s showdown might take the lead in the unofficial race to determine the world’s top male swimmer.

Reports says that Phelps, will retire after this years Olympics. Lochte will face Phelps in the 200 individual medley.

Locthe have defeated Phelps in two races in the past, the 200 individual medley and 200 freestyle, and won more gold medals overall. At the recent Olympic trials, however, Phelps regained the mental edge, defeating Lochte in three of four head-to-head finals.

Laure Manaudou and her brother qualify for London Olympics

March 26, 2012

Laure Manaudou Laure Manaudou and her brother qualify for London Olympics

Former Olympic gold medalist Laure Manaudou and her brother Florent qualified for the 2012 London Games via the French swimming championships on Saturday.

Laure, won the 200 metres backstroke title and clinch a second berth at the Olympics, after the 100 backstroke with a 2:08.06 for 200 meters. On the other hand Alexianne Castel also qualified having a record of 2:08.57.

She know what she have to do now and she will have to swim faster if she want to grab an Olympic medal, according to her interview.

She will travel to London with younger brother Florent who qualified after finishing second in the 50 freestyle.

Amaury Leveaux, Olympic silver medalist in Beijing in 2008, won the race in 21.93 seconds. Florent, who clocked the third best time in the world this year in Friday’s semi-finals, was second in 21.95.

Swimmer Jessica Hardy Will Be Competing in London 2012 Olympics

March 21, 2012

Jessica Hardy, a swimmer who was not able to compete in Beijing Olympics due to allegations of taking drugs is now ready to take the London 2012 Olympics. Jessica Hardy was not able to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games because a drug test revealed clenbuterol, a stimulant, in her system. Hardy later prove that she was innocent to the allegation but it took her months to prove her innocence. Now she is ready to compete on the London 2012 olympics.

She is updating her fans through her twitter account

Jessica Hardy swimhardy on Twitter Swimmer Jessica Hardy Will Be Competing in London 2012 Olympics 

It is not easy for an athlete to make a comeback after a doping scandal that tarnishes a career. However, Hardy’s perseverance to prove her innocence has paid off. She has been able to reduce her penalty, resume training and focus on the future.Jessica Hardy has revealed that she is engaged to swimmer Dominik Meichtry who will also be competing in the Olympics.