Swimmer Jessica Hardy Will Be Competing in London 2012 Olympics


Jessica Hardy, a swimmer who was not able to compete in Beijing Olympics due to allegations of taking drugs is now ready to take the London 2012 Olympics. Jessica Hardy was not able to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games because a drug test revealed clenbuterol, a stimulant, in her system. Hardy later prove that she was innocent to the allegation but it took her months to prove her innocence. Now she is ready to compete on the London 2012 olympics.

She is updating her fans through her twitter account

Jessica Hardy swimhardy on Twitter Swimmer Jessica Hardy Will Be Competing in London 2012 Olympics 

It is not easy for an athlete to make a comeback after a doping scandal that tarnishes a career. However, Hardy’s perseverance to prove her innocence has paid off. She has been able to reduce her penalty, resume training and focus on the future.Jessica Hardy has revealed that she is engaged to swimmer Dominik Meichtry who will also be competing in the Olympics.



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