Michelle Jenneke’s Sexy Warm-Up Dance in Barcelona Goes Viral


Sally Pearson is Australia’s gold medal hope in the 2012 Olympic 100m hurdles race but it’s Michelle Jenneke, another Aussie hurdler, is creating headlines around the world.

Sydney girl Michelle Jenneke, shows her pre-race routine before winning the race. Her sexy warm-up ‘dance’ routine is now shown in over 9 Million viewers in the whole world in just 4 days of being uploaded.She dominates the 100m hurdles race at the 2012 Junior World Championships in Barcelona.

But Unfortunately Michelle Jenneke won’t be gracing the track at London 2012 as she failed to qualify for this year’s Olympics, but the age of 19, everybody is hoping that she could join the next Olympics. So below is Michelle Jenneke’s Sexy Warm-Up Dance viral video.



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